Wheaton (Massachusetts) vs Goucher

I don’t want a pros and cons list, more of a comparison from someone who’s familiar with both. I am from NYC, so used to a more urban area. I am thinking of majoring in psychology but am more interested in research vs clinical. I also may minor in theater.

Wheaton is in a VERY small town, but approximately 30 minutes to Providence and 1 hour to Boston.

Goucher is in a big DC suburb, with a mall one block from campus and a larger university (Towson) down the road.

In terms of local, off-campus life, Goucher beats Towson.

But both are excellent schools for a student who wants to know and be known by professors, who wants to grow academically, and who wants all of the benefits of a small, liberal arts college.

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A big DC suburb??? Goucher is located a few miles north of Baltimore, within walking distance of the Towson Town Center (mall).

*Baltimore suburb, not DC.