when a college sends you an application FIRST...

<p>Hello...I have a really stupid question(!)..</p>

<p>I know that a lot of ppl get applications from many colleges send(even though you didn't request requested them) with letters...saying
"congratulations on you academic achievements...
consider Harvard(for example) as a possible college choice..."</p>

<p>I KNOW those letters don't mean that you're accepted or have a better chance, but...what do those letters exactly mean?
Does it mean that it's worth trying?
Is it better than not getting any? </p>

<p>I don't think of myself as an ivy-league-type...(even though i'm applying a few..see if I'm lucky:) becuase my SAT scores are too low.
I just want to hear some opinions...</p>

<p>It means only that your name is on some mailing list that the university purchased. They have not singled you out in any way. If they aren't impressed by what they see on the application when they get it back, they will quite readily reject you, even though they sent you the app in the first place.</p>

<p>it's always worth trying.</p>

<p>my roommate here had never thought of applying to any college outside her state (she came from a poor neighborhood) until she had been flooded with viewbooks/videotapes/etc from colleges. it was like unheard of for someone in her high school to apply out of state as nobody ever thought it was possible...</p>

<p>so yeah. it's always worth a try.</p>