When a college sends you an application first...

<p>Hello...I have a really stupid question(!)..</p>

<p>I know that a lot of ppl get applications from many colleges send(even though you didn't request requested them) with letters...saying
"congratulations on you academic achievements...
consider Harvard(for example) as a possible college choice..."</p>

<p>I KNOW those letters don't mean that you're accepted or have a better chance, but...what do those letters exactly mean?
Does it mean that it's worth trying?
Is it better than not getting any? </p>

<p>I don't think of myself as an ivy-league-type...(even though i'm applying a few..see if I'm lucky :) becuase my SAT scores are too low.
I just want to hear some opinions...</p>

<p>Colleges spend millions of $ marketing to students in order to increase the # of applications thereby making them highly selective. When you take the PSAT if you check the box statting ou would like to recieve information, the college board sells the list to various colleges which is why you are getting all of this unsolicited mail.</p>

<p>Daughter gto mail from TUlane and Wash U on a weekly basis. Because we visited Harvard in her Jr. year, we received a lot of mail from them, however she did not to apply to any of them. The ivy that she attend s sent her no solicitations what so ever so she sought them out, getting information, going to local receptions and visiting.</p>

<p>Those letters mean that based on your scores and the gpa you reported when you took the SAT, you may have a chance of admission. When it comes to a place like Harvard, 85% of the applicants are well qualified for admission, but for space reasons, only 1 in 10 are admitted. Thus, if you get a letter from Harvard (as do many thousands of students), realize that your odds of admission are 1 in 10.</p>

<p>If you get a letter with a waived application fee from a college where you rank in the top range of applicants, such a letter, though, does indicate that you are likely to be admitted. The big hint is that they waived the application fee, indicating that they are hoping to attract strong applicants like you.</p>

<p>I get tons of unsolicited mail, it usually doesn't mean anything, except that they want lots of people to apply. I got letters and an application from Harvard without ever expressing interest. And Tulane, they sent me a "personal application" which was halfway filled out for me already, and they waived my app fee and essay requirement. (I'm not applying) So, don't take these offers too seriously.</p>

<p>Hey Tulane sent me a personal application too. Why aren't you applying? It's free :D
Whats your stats btw?</p>