when a vegetarian stares at your cheeseburger and says "it had a face", you say...

<p>"i bet it had a soul too" while taking a huge savory bite off of that burger</p>

<p>Actually, I usually say, "Care for some pepperoni/bologna?"</p>

<p>"But I'm not eating the FACE."</p>

<p>If you were eating bologna instead of hamburger you would be...</p>

<p>But I don't think of bologna when the thread has cheeseburger in its title. I guess I am odd like that though. PLus, I haven't had bologna in years because I find it gross/weird.</p>

<p>You say "But my conscience allows me to overlook that. If you can't tolerate my eating this, see ya!"</p>

<p>Well that's polite mallomar. Realistically, I'd probably do the same type of thing.</p>

<p>i'm gonna eat three more</p>

<p>for every animal you don't eat, i'm going to eat three</p>

<p>:) fun stuff</p>

<p>"So did that deer I just shot...venison, anyone?"</p>

<p>"Do you know how many chipmunks and gophers had to die for your salad?"</p>

"But I'm not eating the FACE."


<p>i agree with this response. fo' sho'.</p>

<p>"Yeah, but don't worry, they took the face...off."</p>

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<p>"bambi wasn't that cute anyways..."</p>

<p>"each burger I eat means one less cow to die from mad cow disease."</p>

<p>"Murder tastes good" to quote Dennis Leary</p>

<p>But I am working on saving the ozone layer. One cow at a time.</p>

<p>mmmm, meat!
And remember kids..."BEEF! Its what's for dinner!"</p>

<p>you don't make friends with salad!</p>