When am i supposed to purchase textbooks?

<p>School is going to start within a week and i don’t have any textbooks at the moment. Does the Davis Bookstore have a “guranteed” stockpile?</p>

<p>no they do not, at least i dont think. You should buy them right when you move in on sunday, since you wont have them delivered beforehand. you can get them online, try slugbooks, they have multiple stores</p>

<p>Usually people go to their "first" week and see what the professors have to say first. You don't want to make hasty decisions, as the bookstore charges for restocking fees. For example, I didn't really need the Chem 2 series textbook as most of my professors lectured well enough where I didn't need it (Enderle, woo!). And then I had Toupadakis, who had his own reader (so no textbook was needed). You can check ratemyprofessor too because people usually say something about certain professors tendencies to base tests off lecture only or powerpoint slides only. The profs give you the isbns on the syllabus too so you can use that to track down the texts. The bookstore site for UCD is a good way to find out what books you need, and then you do your own research on the pricing. The bookstore doesn't have a guaranteed stockpile, but they usually have plenty of stock. They've been in the business a long time so they realize how many people take certain classes. If you're a science major who is taking Chem 2a for example, you will find plenty of chem textbooks there on the first day, with lab manual and carbon copies. Just don't be one of those people who hold off on going to the bookstore. People like to go right after the first class and buy their books since the profs tell 'em what they need. Good luck! Don't stress too much. Don't procrastinate =D</p>