When am I supposed to take the Math placement test?

<p>I ordered a materials packet since I couldn't go to the orientation. The packet is probably going to arrive in the Mid-July. When is the latest date I can take the math placement exam online? (I want the maximum time to study.......)</p>

<p>Seriously, just take the test and get it over with. It's not that hard, and the more you stress about it, the less fun your summer will be.</p>

<p>A deadline for the exam will probably be in your materials packet, since you aren't going to orientation.</p>

<p>you may also be able to take it during Welcome Week. I know they offer other placement tests then (including the language ones), so I wouldn't be surprised if they offer math at that time.</p>

<p>^ Except you can't register until you take it. I agree with Hawkwings - just take it. It isn't the SATs, it is a *placement *test. Most people don't study for placement tests, they just take them.</p>

<p>I've been procrastinating like crazy also. I've yet to do it I will soon though. I'm just afraid of me doing bad and feeling down afterward lol.</p>

<p>yeah I'd just take it, really, it's not that bad. It's not easy, really, but it's not hard to do well on it, I guess? I mean, I got a 32/40 and was placed into 118/125. But don't worry about it, just do it.</p>