When and How do we sign up for classes?

<p>what the title says....</p>

<p>I think we plan what we will sign up for in the online orientation. Then we go to CalSO and actually sign up with the counselors. </p>

<p>Correct me if im wrong please!</p>

<p>Assuming you're an incoming freshman, you will sign up for classes when you go to CalSO. They will explain the how to you. If you can't make it to CalSO, I believe you will be provided with directions on how to sign up for classes online.</p>

<p>I see some ppl already talking about what classes they signed up for and stuff. this is making me nervous?</p>

<p>Those people would be continuing students. We all started signing up for classes back in April. Just stay calm and do what MyBerkeleyApp tells you to do.</p>

<p>and the thread from berry14 concerns signing up for summer session courses, which are open to anyone, whether a Cal student or not. </p>

<p>Incoming freshmen will have their chance to sign up for their first round of classes, either during CalSO or at a specific later date for those who are not going to CalSO. The first wave will be this coming weekend. </p>

<p>The second round of class registrations (phase II) will happen later in the summer. </p>

<p>Continuing students all have an appointment for phase I and another for phase II - with the phase I appointments already past. Thus, continuing students have signed up for their first set of classes for Fall already. </p>

<p>However, all will be made clear over the summer, driven from myberkeleyapp and CalSO and other communications. jbtheeunknown offered the right advice.</p>