When and how should I start looking for off-campus housing for Spring 2016?

Hey, everybody. I’m a senior on leave from Cornell preparing to return to finish my last semester next spring.

I will need to rent a room off-campus and am trying to figure out:

  1. When should I start looking for a room for next Spring?
  2. Since I live out of state and don't have any contacts in Ithaca, how should I go about finding/viewing/paying for a room so I have a place to go when I get back? I was going to use Craigslist to find rooms for rent, but I'm not sure how to handle the logistics of finding a place from out of state.

Any insights on this would be much appreciated.

Try this:

You can sublet for a semester. A lot of students go study abroad in Spring.

Thank you. So then you think I should just start looking and work out the arrangements with the subletter now?

Yes. It is not too early. My kid said Craigslist is also a good source. Both of my kids have subletted. They got very good deals. They only had to pay from end of Jan to end of May. You don’t need to be on campus to rent, either get the owner to send you some pics or have a friend check it out for you. I saw few listings for $700/month.