When and How to Study?

<p>How long?
What materials?</p>

<p>What subject? It really does depend on the subject...</p>

<p>Oh, SAT I, no subject ones</p>

<p>are you taking it this saturday??</p>


<p>Practice, you can't study traditionally, just get the blue book and do a ****load of practice tests.</p>

<p>Well what prep books should I use???</p>

<p>I've heard a lot of people praise the Blue Book, though I've never used it so I cannot accurately say anything about it.</p>

<p>I've bought these a week ago:
-SAT blue book
- SAT's Barrons: aiming for the perfect score
- SAT's Barrons</p>

<p>i would recommend princeton review, it helped me get a high score</p>

<p>^ egad
I strongly dislike PR. After using Grubers, barrons, kaplan and PR, PR was the worst.
They have weird and misleading "tips" directed mostly at lower scoring students.</p>

<p>edorado, what you have is perfect. (i recommend getting both blue books for more practice)</p>

<p>My son highly recommands the Blue Book. He got a good score and that is what he mainly used.</p>