When applying for college, should I leave my major as undecided?

Do I have a higher chance of getting accepted if I do so? I am thinking this because my major I have in mind is quite rigorous to get into at the school, so I am just wondering if I’d have a better chance of leaving it as undecided for now, then switching.

Depending upon how competitive your intended major can be, it may be easier to get into as a Freshman admit versus trying to transfer later. At some California UC’s, impacted majors are many times impossible to transfer into unless you are directly admitted or have a extremely high GPA in the required courses. Much will depend upon which schools you are targeting and their change of major/transfer policies.

I am looking to major in something business related at U of Miami, and it is quite difficult to get into…

If you enter University of Miami not in the business division, you must go through the internal transfer process to enter the business division:

@ucbalumnus I am taking Calc by senior year though?

http://www.miami.edu/admission/index.php/undergraduate_admission/apply/apibclep_credits/ap_credit_equivalencies indicates that sufficiently high AP scores will give you equivalency for calculus courses. You may want to ask the business division directly if such an AP score is sufficient, or if you still need to take a (possibly more advanced) math course.

@ucbalumnus It says in my first semester that I need to take Calc or Calc w/ Foundations and I’d need a B average to transfer to business. However, I am taking regular, CP Calc my Senior year of HS…

^^ That sounds like a question you ought to ask UMiami.