When are Emory decisions online? Any specific date?

<p>Congrats to those who got in to Oxford, btw :)</p>

<p>April 1st (5pm i think).....1 day after the ivies this yr...........</p>

<p>WDF why so late , i hate these schools that post them mad late, i should have applied early</p>

<p>ugh, i agree- way too late</p>

<p>thanks though!</p>

<p>not only is it very late, does anyone know when their accepted student days are? Doesn't give one alot of planning time.....</p>

<p>Is there no chance at all of finding out maybe a couple days before?</p>

<p>The ED I decisions went up a bit before the scheduled time....perhaps the same will hold true for the RD decisions. Best of luck.</p>

<p>where do i look for it on OPUS? right now there is just a blinking "processing..."</p>