When are regular decisions released

<p>i applied regular decision for SYRACUSE and was wondering if anyone knew when i should expect my decision and where it is that i should check for it</p>

<p>Around March 15.</p>

<p>I imagine notification is the same as ED. You will receive an email with a link to a letter. A snail mail letter to follow.</p>

<p>Every year i play this game......here goes: March 9th or March 16 th.......at 4:30 pm.....</p>

<p>It is usually the Friday before spring break......but this year that is very early.....therefore. I hedge.......</p>

<p>Do transfer applicants find out around then too?</p>

<p>Last year my D waited and waited. Here was the process...each Friday in March they released emails with decisions. We saw on here when they went out-at 4:30 usually. The first week, nothing. the second week nothing, the third week Bingo, but she was wait listed. She then went to re visit her 2nd choice school and got a call that Monday she was off the wait list and in! (She had wrote a very emotional letter explaining why Syracuse was the one for her.) Those 3 weeks were hard! She would see on these boards kids excited to be in and she didn't hear. And seems to me, the later you hear, the worse the news is!</p>

<p>Some decisions have been made already.</p>

<p>^^international does not apply to the Friday in March notifications btw......thought I would add that....</p>

<p>and I would imagine that many of the decisions have already been made but notifications are held until March........</p>