When can I check my application status...?

<p>Hi, I submitted Application; my teachers and counselor sent their materials such as recommendations, school reports, etc. In fact, I'm really concerning whether the admission officer got my stuffs or not. I want to know when I can check my application status...?</p>

<p>AND </p>

<p>I mailed my supplementary #1 essay by paper, and I just put my legal name on the upper right side with essay topic. Is it still find? I mean I just read one Thread saying "Put your name and birthdate anywhere you want -- just make sure the person opening the mail can find that information as it will be used to match with the rest of your application. - Admission Daniel" </p>

<p>:( ASAP :)</p>

<p>Checking application status...</p>

<p>You will be mailed an acknowledgment postcard after your application is received. This indicates your application file has been opened (not necessarily that it is complete). For early decision applicants, in late November we will contact you if any materials are missing. For regular decision applicants, in late February, once we have processed all received application materials, we will contact students whose applications remain incomplete. If you are contacted about missing items, you will be given an opportunity to provide us with that information before we complete the evaluation of your application. Rest assured that application files are checked carefully for completeness. </p>

<p>For those desparate to check on whether your application is complete, you may call (410) 516-8171. Early Decision applicants should not call until after December 1st, and Regular Decision applicants should not call until after February 15. You have to give us time to process everything -- our Operations team does their job quite well so don't be concerned.</p>