When can we call?

<p>So EA round I didn't get my (deferral) letter until 5 days after we were supposed to know, but we were able to just call admissions on the 18th. Are we able to call admissions and find out again for RD?</p>

<p>From an email they just sent:</p>

If you are unable to access your decision online, you may call our office on or after April 2nd at 603-646-2875 to receive your decision over the phone. Decisions will be released only to the applicant.


<p>Wait, access your decision online? I thought they were just being mailed (or sent by carrier pigeon) . . .</p>

<p>Christopher546 when did you get that email? I haven't received one yet</p>

<p>Ack, I'm very sorry, I thought this was a different college forum. My apologies. Firefox and tabbed browsing does that to you...</p>