When can you find out?

<p>I thought that I heard that it took 8 to 11 days for SAT scores to come out, making tommorow the first day that they could come out. Is there any validity to this? And if October 22nd is the real date, which I now hear some people saying, is there any chance that they will come out before that?</p>

<p>The scores are usually up on College Board the night before...</p>

<p>yeah, the scores should be up the night of the 21. i've never seen them come out more than 1 day before the scheduled date.</p>

<p>As much as I want to know, I hate looking! I get so nervous! It's pretty stupid though... it's not like there is anything I can do about it now! I will be up all night checking collegeboard.com!</p>

<p>The earliest I've had my scores up is around 3:30 PM on the day before they're supposed to be up (which, in this case, would be the 21st) Like anastasia_b, I've never seen nor heard of them coming out before this.</p>

<p>they will be on October 21, probably after 5 PM Eastern Time</p>