When Colleges Choose Special Case Students

<p>Hey there CC viewers. I'm going to address an issue that I would be over joyed to hear from all you out there reading and posting on these forums. </p>

<p>So college has become a crazy contest for anyone applying, or having applied, in the past ten years or so. People are becoming, in turn, crazy competative for those select small spots in the best of the best ranked colleges. Stats, scores, family legacys, money, region, ethnicity, everything seems to matter more and more as the years stack up. </p>

<p>So if everyone is overflowing in such qualifications, how do those who lack in one category ever possibly gain the self confidence and courage to apply? How far can character, motivation, ambition, and personal qualities really take you though the college setting in this day and age? </p>

<p>I know there are cases out there, I know there is another side to this insane college epidemic monstrosity, I know there are the Special Case Students. </p>

<p>So please, if you know someone or are someone who qualifies here, share your experience.</p>