When did you guys turn in your applications and essay for Spring 22? and have you guys gotten your decisions back yet?

I applied for Spring 22 for FIT and turned all my stuff in October 1st and kinda just want to know when everyone else turned in their applications and if they received their decisions.

Hi! I turned in my Application and Essay on August 20th. I have not heard back yet. I’m hoping to hear back by the last week of November or the first week of December.

Hi ! I turned my application on Oct 1 & submitted my essay Oct 30 or 31st.
My supplemental documents (transcripts) were received between Oct 10-13th.
I haven’t heard back yet :frowning:

I don’t know many people applying so I just created this group if you want to join and talk about the application! GroupMe

what did you write your essay about?

What did you write your essay about?

Does anyone else have outstanding follow-up requirements and documentation to complete in their Financial Aid Checklist in the FIT portal? if so were you able to download these papers or did you receive them in the mail?

I wrote about my past experiences in the fashion industry, my career goals for the future, and what I plan to accomplish while I’m at FIT. I applied to FBM one-year AAS. What about you?

Hello, I have the candidate reply form on my requirements. I reached out to FIT and they said it’s something to sign once you get in. Hoping that’s a good sign!

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Pretty much the same as you for FBM 2 year. But what kinds of fashion experience did you have because I don’t really have any

Hey! Do you have the candidate reply form on your financial aid checklist?

How do I see the checklist?

It’s in your myfit under financial aid resources just scroll down from where you would check your application status and then it’s financial aid checklist

Did anyone get a decision back yet? Or know when they’ll come out?

I have not gotten mine yet but they should be out any day. They get sent out on weekends as well.

I haven’t gotten mine yet either but I’ll let you know. Fingers crossed for all of us!

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Has anyone heard yet or know anyone who’s heard?

I haven’t yet and the only people I know applying are the ones in this thread lmao


Has anyone heard back yet? I applied to the one year AMC major!

I still haven’t! I applied to fashion design 1 yr AAS