when did you hear??

<p>i applied augest 1st at 6 am. and i think i have a pretty good chance of getting into main. im just wondering if any of you penn state students can tell me about when you heard in terms of acceptance letters.</p>

<p>im going to apply right after SAT october scores are avaiable but thats awhile from now</p>

<p>Dantheman, not only do you not provide an answer, but you also deviate the focus of the original question by selfishly introducing a personal, trifling description of your situation. Further, you do so carelessly and without any regard to the poster. This is tantamount of me asking a serious question--say, " Will my economic status be an admissions factor?" And someone else returning, " I enjoy my chicken deep fried."</p>

<p>Enough of my nonsense, I would actually like to know how long it takes for the decision to be made and reach you once the app is submitted as well.</p>

<p>Last year, they started sending out acceptance/rejections starting a couple weeks before the priority deadline (i think it was the end of october). However, if you are not at the top of the applicant pool, it may take until January to get an answer. </p>

<p>Hey, I am a current freshman at Penn State, University Park. I am in the Smeal College of Business. Any ?s I will be happy to answer.</p>

<p>ericg1, I started a thread about satellite campuses under the psu system, It would be great if you could share your insights about it there.</p>