When do decisions come out?

<p>I was wondering if anyone knew when the decisions will come out and how, like through the bannerweb page or an email.</p>

<p>Thanks =)</p>

<p>The website says late March - my D got an e-mail mid March with a log on and date for bannerweb - the decisions were supposed to be posted I think at 5:00 pm but the web site was down for work until 10 pm - when she logged on there was a e-card saying congratulations - however the letter with the financial aid info didn't come for afew more days.</p>

<p>I cant wait! :D Im soooo nervous!</p>

<p>If I remember correctly from my stalking of the 2013 applicants, they were online on March 20th.</p>

<p>Then it may be March 19 this year. They'll be online on a Friday.</p>

<p>Did anyone receive their BannerWeb stuff yet? If SmithieandProud is correct, decisions are to be released in less than a week, so I'd expect that we would get emails soon. The last email that I got from Smith was the one on that awesome Admissions video.</p>

<p>Ahhh, I'm so nervous!</p>

<p>Man, I didn't get any emails about the admissions video. :(</p>

<p>^^ What do you mean by BannerWeb stuff? I received an email that told how to log in on February 2nd, so I've been able to do that for a while, but nothing about admissions decisions (yet ;))</p>

<p>Oh snap. I actually did get the email, didn't read it well enough. -.- Silly me. And I think she means the information to check decisions through BannerWeb.</p>

<p>That's exactly what she means, I think.
I'm more anxious than I had previously realized....I'm soooo nervous waiting for that 'yea' or 'nay'.</p>

<p>Yep, thats what I mean. Sorry about that! =)</p>

<p>Thanks y'all! =)</p>

<p>The wait's getting to me now!</p>

<p>I just want to be clear that I don't know for sure it will be the 19th. It's just that since they came out on the 20th last year, and they usually come out on a Friday, the corresponding Friday would be the 19th this year.</p>

<p>Yes, they ordinarily come out on a Friday...so that offices aren't immediately deluged with five million phone calls. So look for anything right around 5pm EDT.</p>

<p>So soon! Eek! I can't wait.</p>

<p>Looks like, with any luck, I'll be checking my decision and then dashing off to my school's homecoming game. Hopefully, both will go well. :)</p>

<p>Just called, March 26th.</p>

<p>Great =)</p>


<p>I haven't received an email with my login info yet. Will they send another email on the acceptance date?</p>

<p>^Same here. I emailed Smith yesterday, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.</p>

<p>I just called about fall transfers...for those of us who applied by the February 1st deadline, decisions will be out on March 30th.</p>

<p>Ahhhh, I'm so nervous!</p>