When do Fall 2020 apps open?

Or can you submit any time, including now. It is not clear on their website.

Oops - missed this.

You’ve probably already applied, but if yo haven’t apps are open now.

Applied, accepted, working on Regent’s application.

Anyone heard either way on Regents?

Really disappointed in the lack of follow up communication from UNM after scholarship application.


I believe the 50 semi-finalists have already been notified and invited to interview. If your daughter hasn’t heard from the selection committee by now, she likely won’t.

If your daughter has interviewed with the selection committee but has not been notified if she’s a scholarship finalist, she may be on the alternate list. Regent finalists have until May 1 to accept their scholarship so UNM holds onto a list of potential alternates in case any finalists decline the award.

@WayOutWestMom She heard nothing at all beyond the auto reply that her application was received. Given the very large amount of time she put in to the 2 minute video it is a little frustrating to not even get a nice rejection letter.


UNM may be waiting until all scholarships have been awarded to send out rejection notices in May.

And if this annoys you/her, don’t ever apply to medical schools. “Silent rejections” are the norm for med school. Applicants send in their application materials, pay their application fee, submit 4-12 essays (per school! and each school has different essay questions)–and simply never receive any communication back at all. Applicants only know they’ve been rejected when May 1 comes and goes and they still haven’t heard anything from the school.

Yeah, no. She wants to do math. Lots and lots of math. Plus maybe some physics and chemistry that involve more math.

But UNM needs to up their game. If a kid is accepted in July and never hears from them again at all, and meanwhile other schools are reaching out, calling, offering more $$$, they will fade from a 17 year old’s brain. It is just a fact of life.

I hate to say this…but if you feel the love more from other schools, then scratch UNM from your list.

Not my call. It is still the cheapest option with Amigo, but there are other schools in the budget we gave her too.

My D was a physics and math double major at UNM–so she did lots and lots and lots of math.She won the departmental award for best student in modern physics at graduation. D had a really positive experience at UNM. She had great groups of supportive peers In both physics and mathematics. She had positive and close relationships with her physics profs. (She used to house sit for her thesis advisor.) She met two Nobel Laureates in Physics who were just hating out in the Physics Bldg. (She said she was waiting for “some old dude” to finish drinking from a water fountain so she could fill her water bottle. The old dude was Murray Gell-Mann. She nearly fell over. But he was nice man who was willing to engage with an undergrad physics student.)

My SIL earned his PhD in theoretical quantum information at UNM. He’s now full professor of physics at a major university and the winner of the Pawley Medal in Physics. He too enjoyed his time at UNM and occasionally comes back to guest lecture and sit on dissertation defenses.

UNM is very laid back. They aren’t going to hound students to get them to enroll. It’s just not how they do things.

And if you’re looking for additional scholarship monies beside the Amigo–it isn’t going to happen. UNM awards scholarships according to their published schedule on the FA site. There isn’t any additional money to award.

P.S. Never say never about med school. My physics & math major kiddo decided that she didn’t want to go to grad school (after she had been accepted to a high ranked program) and decided to apply to med school instead. She’s now a staff physician at Yale Hospital.

Ok now I think they are stalking me. Got notice today of a 2500 dollar housing award.

My daughter got this $2500 housing award letter today, too. She’s still interested in UNM, but we won’t go out to visit until April, after she knows the final decisions from all her applications (all in state). (I think our kids have applied to some of the same schools, noticed you on the recent UCSC thread!)

Good luck to her! Mine is leaning towards Willamette at the moment as they have given her 37k a year which brings it down to quite reasonable. But UCSC and UNM are also still on the table. I didn’t read that housing award closely, looks like 1 year only. Nice but not as nice as I thought when she first got it. Still some reach schools to come.

Yes, same on the reach schools. That amount from Willamette is pretty sweet, congrats on that!
And yes, agree the 2.5K is a nice gesture but ultimately not all that much money.