When do grad schools post acceptances/deniles?

Nephew applied to four different schools for BFA programs and says he hasn’t heard back from any of them yet. When should he hear back from them for the fall 2017 semester?

Do you mean MFA programs?

I have an MFA in Directing, and I was visiting schools that accepted me in March and April, I think. Although, there were some schools where I started the application process, and withdrew because they were on a different timeline.

I now teach undergrad, and my students who have gone on to MFA programs knew before the end of April, if not earlier.

Has he reached out to the schools to fin out their timeline?

He should’ve already heard from them - most programs inform students between late February and early April, usually expecting decisions in mid-April. If he hasn’t, I would reach out.

Sorry yes, MFA. Talked to my sister and again and turns out he was denied admission to all the schools he applied. It turns out that schools expect him to be in shows beyond his senior college project and do art stuff not just spending a few years waiting tables. He’s going to do a two week summer program to help him with his portfolio and will try again next year.