When do high schools receive Oct SATs

<p>I have to send the hs transcripts by Monday. Can I ask the registrar to make sure that the new SAT scores (assuming they're in) appear on the transcript?</p>

<p>I was at my D's school earlier, and asked about SAT's today. They have not even arrived at the school yet. (west coast) IF they arrive on Monday, it simply isn't realistic to get them into the system, printed, stamped and sealed before the end of the day (at least at our large public school). Remember though, the only REAL scores that a college needs come from Collegeboard. Make sure those are on their way, and I think you will be fine.</p>

<p>i looked at duke's website today and it said they had received my SAT scores, and i had them sent from october... so.. im expecting that most places will receive them soon.</p>

<p>Thought I would do a follow up comment, since I just read on another CC thread that someone going thru the process last year discovered that some colleges will accept SAT scores off of the transcript and do not require scores from Collegeboard. They recommended that you contact the college to find out their requirements. If this is true, it would take some time to contact schools, but save some $$ also. Something to inquire about.......</p>