When do i need to send CC transcripts by?

<p>Class is ending today for CC. I had to take classes there, because the stupid class here was full with like 70 people on the waitlist and I needed to take equivalent there in order to declare major (its a prereq). </p>

<p>I am in letters and science by the way.</p>


<p>Are you declaring your major soon? If you are then you should have it sent ASAP. If it is not necessary yet then don't send it. It typically takes around 2 months for the credits to transfer over.</p>

<p>planning onn declaring next semester. the classes just ended.</p>

<p>but yeah, should i send it by tomorrow or so if i want to declare next semester? is the office of letters and science even open now? or should i wait?</p>

<p>Maybe send it at the end of break. Request it when the semester begins and it will be transferred in time for you to declare in May for sure.</p>

<p>what course is it?</p>