When do I receive the confirmation of receiving the applications from the colleges?

<p>Hi everyone,
I was wondering when are we supposed to receive the confirmations from the schools not the commonapp.
I have submitted everything and my counselor sent the fee-waiver!
The commonapp confirmed submitting the app and the supplement and everything but the schools haven't reported anything!
For example, some schools are supposed to send me the code/pin number to track my application, but I haven't received that yet!
Could it be due to not receiving the TOEFL scores yet! But the deadlines for testing requirement are different (February)!
Is this normal !

<p>How long has it been since you sent in the applications? It could take a while before they receive it and then more time before they process it. I don't think your TOEFL score has anything to do with it. I think it just depends on the school. Back on the 17th, I applied to UNO and USC through common app. UNO came probably the next day. No word from USC.</p>