When do I send my standardized test scores?

<p>Is there a specific time during the application process when you're SUPPOSED to send in your scores? I don't want to send mine before I apply and have colleges be like, "Uhm... who the hell is this?!"
I sent my SAT scores to the National Merit Corporation early, too. Should I resend them later, or am I okay?</p>

<p>And are there any colleges that will ignore one of your scores if you send in both the ACT and the SAT?</p>

<p>typically you just send your scores in during application season, and they'll start an application file for you. then it's up to you to send in everything else to fill it up. or you send in your application, which starts your file, and then you fill it with your score reports. however, this does mean that keeping the name you use, address, email, birthdate, etc. constant is VERY important.</p>

<p>i'm not sure how national merit works. i think you'll have to wait until you start college apps. if you find that the colleges don't have your scores in your file, simply resend. or be a good applicant and call the colleges when it comes time.</p>

<p>if you send both your act and sat (which i did b/c my scores were kinda on par), they'll just use their personal calculations/formulas and take the higher one of the two. unless one score is clearly higher than the other, you should definitely send both b/c different colleges have different formulas. if one score is clearly higher than the other, don't waste your money. just send the higher one.</p>