when do i / should i have sent my ap scores

<p>when should i have sent my ap scores to ucs? i thought collegeboard sent them along with SAT tests. i only applied to uc's and i just checked the ucsb admissions website and it said my ap score was 'self reported' and not official. i think i didnt send my score to ucsb but i MAY have sent my score to uci, because i heard you had to select the colleges u'll send them to the day of the test or before the test (but im not sure about that either). so please someone tell me if i sent the scores when i took the test or if i needed to send them separately, or if i have to send them after i get in.</p>

<p>If you choose to send the scores to a certain college while "bubbling" the form for the AP test, collegeboard will send them automatically.</p>

<p>If you didn't do that, you'll need to send them separately and pay some kind of fee.</p>

<p>Send them to the school when you've decided which one you want to attend.</p>

<p>Go to the college board website and go to the AP section. Look for the telephone number to request scores to be sent to colleges. Call them up during the week. Have your SS#, credit card info, dates/yr of tests taken, and CEEB number of the college you want the scores sent to. It's easy. You'll get a paper confirmation via mail when the scores are sent. Then, at the end of your senior year when (if) you take additional AP tests, request the additional new scores to be sent to your choice of colleges.</p>