When do SAT averages/EA class profiles come out?

Hey, so I took the new SAT and I was wondering how my score stacks up against other students. Being the first group of students to submit new SAT scores, I’m not sure how high my score is exactly. I know its in the 99th percentile, but some concordance tables say it equals a 2300 yet others say its around the low 2200s. The only site that gives average SAT scores is prepscholar, and I’m well aware that their site is horribly inaccurate (I laughed when I saw the chances calculator).
When do colleges release their class profiles? I would like to know where I stand against other students, rather than prepscholar’s horrible estimations and concordance tables with HUGE variations

collegboad has old to new sat and vice versa converter tho.

@mishowisyle123 Yes, except I think it’s inaccurate. If I use the score converter and then convert back to my old score, it gives me different composites.