When do scores come out

<p>Hi CC,</p>

<p>This was my first time taking ACT, and I was wondering when do ACT scores USUALLY come out. I know they said "5-8 weeks" but my friends told me it would take about 3 weeks?</p>


<p>They come out on Dec. 27th online.
When they say 5-8 weeks, they mean the score report that's mailed.</p>

<p>Dec 27th, 1am I believe? However, this only holds true if there is no delay due to the holidays.</p>

<p>so, if I'm a senior, can I send the score + writing before jan 1?</p>

<p>OOOOOO... I am not sure.. I don't think so.. Colleges want offical copies not one you print off the internet..</p>

<p>feesix, Yes, you can ... just send the score now to any college that you want to have this score (pay the fee online) and those colleges will get the official score direct from ACT.</p>

<p>27th at 1am, or the night of the 26th.</p>

<p>Is anyone else crazy excited about getting their scores?</p>

<p>'Cause I am.</p>

<p>D and I are very anxious to see her scores this time. Not expecting the 33, 35 that some are but just hoping for one extra point, a 28, that will double merit money.</p>

<p>Happily, status in their system shows "Tested" so should see scores on the first release date. Last time showed "Registered" all through the first release and we had to wait a week later to get the scores.</p>

<p>I'm not excited. Last time I got a 32 and I don't think I beat it this time.</p>

<p>^Ditto. Last time I got a 33 and I don't think I beat it this time.</p>

<p>I'm very excited! Hoping for a 34+! My status is also tested. Only one week!</p>

<p>Oh. I hadn't even checked my status until now!
It says tested. :)</p>

<p>:( Still registered. Then again last time I didn't get marked as tested until the day before scores came out, so I'm not too concerned.</p>

<p>Ok now that I see that everyone else has it as tested, I'm a little concerned.</p>

<p>Anybody else out there with registered?</p>

<p>Mine is registered.</p>

<p>How do you tell if your "registered" or "tested" ???</p>

<p>Log in, go to "Your Test Dates and Scores", and see what it says under "Status"</p>

<p>Ok. Mine says tested.. :)</p>

<p>Tested! This is great! I had to wait an extra month to receive my scores in October, so happy these scores will come quicker.</p>