When do they view financial aid apps for ED?

Will Dartmouth view your financial aid before admissions decisions?

You would think that considering Dartmouth’s need blind policy, they wouldn’t view fin aid apps until after they’ve been accepted.

The reason I ask is that few days ago I received an email from the financial aid office asking for clarification on something I goofed up on my profile (a minor mistake, thankfully).

Does this mean I was already accepted and now they’re awarding my financial aid? Would they be looking at my financial aid if I were rejected? Or am I just reading too much into this?

“need-blind” doesn’t mean they’re unaware that you’re applying for need, it just means that it doesn’t factor into your admissions decision like it might at a college that has a small endowment.

Admissions and financial aid work as 2 different offices and don’t communicate with each other. The financial aid office prepares packages for all applicants who have applied for aid because they do not know who will be (or has been) accepted.