When Do Transfers Know?

<p>This may or may not be a stupid question, but do transfer students know of their acceptance at the same time as the incoming freshman, or do schools wait it out with transfer applicants? I'm sure someone knows this answer. Anyway, thanks for your time. :D</p>

<p>before mid-may</p>

before mid-may

If only.</p>

<p>My S applied to almost a dozen schools and had his decisions as early as mid-March from one rolling admission school and as late as mid-June (!!!?!). That last was quite annoying - thankfully, it wasn't a school he really wanted to attend. </p>

<p>Even though the decisions come (usually) later than Freshman decisions, I wouldn't say that schools are "waiting it out." The transfer apps are often due a couple months later than Freshman apps.</p>

<p>Perhaps the most common schedule is a mid-March application deadline and a late May decision. Then they want your answer as early as May 1 and as late as sometime in August.</p>

<p>it depends on the school. how about you do your research on the schools you wanna transfer to and then ask questions lol (justa friendly suggestion)</p>

<p>I might be mistaken but i believe a couple of girls in my class last semester recieved their acceptance letters from ucla/ucb arond mid April/early May.</p>

<p>will we be able to apply for fafsa in time?? since on the fafsa you have to indicate what school you go to and you cant just wait around to see if you get accepted to schools you applied for transfer to AND THEN submit your fafsa because by then the fafsa deadline mightve already passed?</p>

<p>You can update the fafsa to change the schools at a later date. Just make sure you submit it by the deadline</p>

<p>would an update to "change the schools at a later date" affect the amount of money i would have received?</p>

<p>you will have to submit FAFSA before you know. I did not get my acceptance to transfer until late June. I would not have gotten any FA if I had waited with the FAFSA.</p>

<p>Applications for Transfers tend to be due between March and May and there is no decision deadline. Some schools wait until you give final transcripts from the year. It is irritating but its because they do not have time to really deal with transfer apps until after the freshmen app process is over.</p>

<p>icic . . so then i guess an update like grasspuppet said is the only option . . hmm i wonder if thatd affect the amount of FA received . .</p>

<p>It won't affect the amount awarded as long as you submit it by the deadlline.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of the replies. ILOVECALIFORNIA- I have been doing my research but they are very vague on the transfer procedure, so it is in my best interest to just ask here where most know the answer. I'm a little nervous that they wait to go through the freshman apps before transfers. My top choice is UVM and I have a feeling that they are going to have a huge applicant pool and transfers will just be a few here and there. It's also a bummer that they notify the applicants soooo late in the process of their acceptance or whatnot. I hope things go smoothly. Thanks again everyone!</p>

<p>Another question! Can transfer students apply for early action? I would much rather get things done earlier and even find out earlier. I'm not sure if transfer applicants can do this though. Anyone know?</p>

<p>Here is the answer for UVm taken from their website:</p>

<p>When do transfer students receive their desicions?</p>

<p>Quick Answer:</p>

<p>The University welcomes applicants who have demonstrated success at other institutions of higher education and who have met all University-wide entrance requirements either in high school or in college. For the purpose of admission, a transfer candidate is one who has taken college-level courses for credit after completion of secondary school. </p>

Fall Semester</p>

<p>April 1 (postmark date)
Notification: Rolling basis, most by May 15
Enrollment Fee due: Generally 10-15 days after receipt of admission letter </p>

<p>Spring Semester
Nov. 1 (postmark date)
Notification: Rolling basis by mid-December
Enrollment Fee due: By December 15, or 10 days after receipt of admission letter</p>

<p>Also with the FAFSA you can list several different schools for them to send the information to. Then you just have to fill out the school you choose to attend financial aid supplement.</p>

<p>I have never seen an Early Action for Transfers and I have looked at the schedules for far too many schools ;). However, some have rolling admissions - and, as Sweetny researched for you, it appears that UVM is one of them. Some of them do "rolling" even earlier, stating they will respond in "x" weeks following receipt of your app.</p>

<p>So, you need to check the websites, specific to transfers, for each school. Make yourself a spreadsheet with App. Deadline, Decision Date, and Reply Date (the date you need to either say you're coming or decline their acceptance). Then you can sort your schools by App Deadline to make sure you get things in on time and see when you can expect to hear.</p>

<p>i got most of my decisions around late may/june (UC schools). USC took their damn sweet time, i got my decision the second week of july.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the advice jmmom, and same to you sweetny for looking that up. I had looked over the same information but just wasn't too sure if it was ok for transfers to take part in early action or whatnot. This being my second year of applying to college I still find myself pretty uneducated on all of this. Thanks again everyone!</p>