When do we find out who our roomates are?

<p>I am stuck with the shetty Hitch suites, even though i requested a residence hall. I kinda curious what my roomies are going to be like. Though I'm pretty sure anyone who requested a suite is probably a dueche...</p>

<p>I think we find out in mid august. Source: counselor's words...</p>

<p>Last year the date was the 25th. There's a thread on here about it but I'm too lazy to dig it up.</p>

<p>it says here late august...</p>

<p>Calendar</a> (1000224)</p>

<p>thanks bruh!</p>

<p>august 24th we should get an email</p>

<p>I got stuck with Hitch, too, even though I requested a hall/submitted a CAR... :/</p>

<p>i sent in a car too. did you get a triple? Maybe we're roomies?</p>