When do we get books?

<p>Some of my classes have not been updated on Testudo regarding books, so when will Testudo be updated? </p>


<p>I would imagine that the school bookstore has the same information that's on Testudo but you might want to check anyway: Welcome</a> to University Book Center, University of Maryland*Bookstore It's up to the professors to provide the textbook list for their courses.</p>

<p>Not all professors have assigned textbooks yet. As far as when they're posted, it really depends on when the professor officially decides which book(s) they'll use... some wait until the week before classes start, some had it up in February.</p>

<p>I would recommend waiting until you've gone to classes at least once before getting textbooks, except in the case where your professor emails you before and says "get this book" or something along the lines. I've taken many classes where the professor would list five books, and then the first day of class would say something along the lines of "yeah those are helpful in my opinion, but really all you need are the notes you'll be taking." you can also email your professors. I do this every semester, works for me</p>