When do we Get Official Acceptance Packet in the Mail?

<p>I was wondering when we get an official acceptance letter in the mail with stuff. Anyone know what day</p>

<p>No, the admissions office has gone "paperless". All is done on line</p>

<p>^Actually we should be getting an official acceptance letter within a week</p>

<p>Sorry Maxsdad but were getting a packet in mail, I can't wait to get it</p>

<p>glad to hear, last year nothing was sent until you enrolled.</p>

<p>Just emailed admissions, they sent an acceptance packet on 1/31/12. Hope that helps.</p>

<p>thats not true maxsdad last year i got my acceptance letter like a week or so after and it came with a nice UMD magnet.</p>

<p>Haha I can't wait to get my magnet</p>

<p>Got mine! I live in Maryland</p>

<p>Sweet, nothing in New Jersey today though</p>

<p>sweet, nothing in new jersey today though</p>

<p>Nothing in rhode island today ): I can't wait to get it!</p>

<p>got it in Maryland</p>

<p>Good mine in md today!</p>

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<p>As I mentioned above, I got my packet today. However, the online version said that I got into Smith at the bottom but the physical letter didn't say anything at the bottom. Comments?</p>

<p>Got mine in mail today. Also got email that I got into Clark School of Engineering. Letter said Scholars and into Arts and Sciences. Originally disappointed, but now that I'm in Clark feel better.</p>