When do we get our Tufts EMail addys?

<p>When do we Class of '10ers receive our Tufts E-Mail addresses??? I'm curious as hell to check out Facebook and meet some other '10 Jumbos and I was wondering when we'll be able to start. It seems most schools have their email addresses out by now. Anybody know? (I know we have the live journal and the myspace already)</p>

<p>I've heard that '09 received them over the summer.</p>

<p>I am pretty sure that we do not get them until we arrive on campus in August...which is unfortunate.</p>

<p>we did NOT get them over the summer. we were ****ED. they insisted on giving them to us when we got there, so that they could deal with any problems in person. it was annoying only b/c we couldn't get facebook until we got to campus, but guys. Myspace is not cool! Don't do myspace, it makes things awkward when you get here lol</p>

<p>Yeah, bluirinka is right. You don't get your email address until you get here.</p>

<p>Actually, I thought that the Tufts 2009 myspace was pretty useful. Almost 1/3 of the incoming freshman class joined by the time class began.</p>

<p>yeah i know, but still...most people i've talked to found it would have been better to come here not knowing anyone than knowing people from online but not in person. it's difficult to gauge what your in-person dynamic will be, basically.</p>

<p>I agree with Blurinkna. I think i'm going to stick with meeting people the old fashion method.</p>

<p>lol i think it's for the best :-D</p>


<p>personally i think myspace is pretty stalker-ish (and facebook as well) but it still would be nice to sign up for facebook anyway (just cause we can!!!) haha</p>

<p>oh man no. Facebook is AMAZING! Because we used it once we had met someone, THEN we'd facebook them. It's great b/c we met SO many people in the first few weeks that it was impossible to keep track of them otherwise. I don't think there are a lot of people who will just friend you based on your looks or your profile. PLUS it's SUCH a resource. Like, if i don't remember the homework for some class, i find someone in my class through facebook, get their sn or message them, and that's how i find out. and it's a LOVELY way to keep in touch with people from home. I even looked up kids who moved away from my school in middle and elementary schools, and kids from the school I used to go to before I myself moved. <3 facebook forever!</p>