When do we hear for RD?

<p>My D has applied to a long list of schools, mostly LACs in the northeast. I'm trying to figure out a family trip and was wondering if anyone had experience with this is the past. Many of the college web sites have a clear notification date, such as April 1, but many others just say "early April." Can we assume she will hear from most if not all by the end of the first week of Apri? Thanks.</p>

<p>We are hoping to hear first week of April-then book air reservations to visit the schools who have extended an acceptance letter. Good luck to you and your D!</p>

<p>My DS found out he was accepted to Case Western today and he didn't apply EA - but he did submit his app 12/1 for the PPSP program - maybe they do those apps first. Who knows? He wasn't sure they even had all his stuff yet - so he was surprised to get an email saying "now that you're in..."</p>

<p>Some schools have already announced their "accepted students days." Have any of yours done so? That would be a good time to think about visiting, if you could book airplane tickets that are refundable if your plans change.</p>

<p>This is 5 yeas ago, but my son applied to schools in the Northeast, and all six that accepted him sent him "early write" letters before April 1, starting in early February. I think this practice is the same today.</p>


<p>I'm hoping for this kind of early notification for my son, but I don't count on it. When I think how fast the time has passed from freshman year until now, I'm not sure I want to rush the decisions. Yes, I want to know, but I'm in no rush for him to leave!!</p>


<p>I put off thinking about that. When we dropped him off and drove away, my wife and I wanted to stop for a couple quick drinks. We couldn't because his younger sisters were with us.
They were in the back seat bawling!</p>

<p>At my high school last year, the vast majority of decisions came by the end of that first week in April. Some schools notified on April 15, but I don't think that would count as "early April." Many schools notify by email or online, also, so your daughter may be able to find out even if you are on vacation.</p>