When do we pay our first bill?

<p>Hey guys, so on telebears, it says that I need to pay $6130.75. Where do I go to pay for it? and when do i have to do it by? Thanks a lot</p>

<p>If you don't get financial aid or if financial aid only covers part of your fees, go onto bearfacts and there is a link to access your e-bill. Your fees or due on the 15th or at least your first payment is due by then.</p>

<p>ohh ok thanks!</p>

<p>Everything you need to know (and then some) Student</a> Billing Services, University of California, Berkeley</p>

<p>Im out of state i need to pay 18 thousand something. What is this? Does this include everything for the semester? where can i see the break down of this payment?</p>

<p>The e-bill will show you. </p>

<p>Basically, what you are seeing is the one year commitment for room and board (assuming you are in the dorms). It only has to be paid one month at a time (1/10th of that room and board total), plus one semester of tuition and OOS fees. </p>

<p>Since you sign up for a year of housing, they show the entire 'debt' but that is not the amount you pay now.</p>

<p>Esssentially, you pay for one semesters tuition and OOS fees, plus 1/10th of the room and board, in Aug. Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec are simply 1/10th of the room and board cost. January is another semester's tuition and OOS fee, plus another 1/10th of room and board. </p>

<p>If you wish, you can also spread the tuition and OOS out over all the months. The way you do that is instead of paying all the tuition and OOS in August, you pay 1/5th. For this, you will pay $40 per semester as a deferred payment plan fee. Then, each month you are paying 1/5th of a semester's tuition+OOS plus 1/10th of housing. </p>

<p>The 'quick statement' on Bearfacts will show you not only the total indebtedness I mentioned but also the amount actually due in Aug and the minimum to pay if you want the deferred payment plan (equal monthly payments of everything).</p>

<p>thnks for the info!</p>