When do we receive our AP Scholar certificates?

<p>It is the middle of September and I have yet to get my certificate.</p>

<p>Did anyone receive their certificates yet?</p>

<p>They'll probably be there by the end of the month, or perhaps the beginning of October.</p>


<p>Do you by any chance know how it looks like and whether or not we get a pin with it?</p>

<p>I heard that the AP Scholar certificate is just a plain looking award.</p>

<p>An IB Diploma is so much better! Not to mention it looks better :p</p>

<p>AP scholar is for anyone who has a 3 or above on 3 ap exams, right?</p>


<p>Yea that is what it is.</p>

<p>I, however, got three 5s on my 3 AP Tests.</p>

<p>friedrice, can you not take AP classes with your IB at your school?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure even IB people can take AP tests.....</p>

<p>Sheed, yes they can, that is why I was wondering why friedrice was making it sound like an either/or statement. D is senior IB diploma candidate, but is also an AP Scholar with Distinction.</p>

<p>There is no restrictions whatsoever. Haha, I was just trying to be a proponent of IB. :)</p>

<p>What are IB classes? My school doesn't offer them and neither does any school I have heard of in my area and surrounding states.</p>

<p>Can someone briefly explain what they are to me?</p>

<p>International Baccalaureates</p>

<p>It's a program more organized than the AP.. you take tests and everything...</p>

<p>(oops Sheed already answered)</p>