When do you find out if you get in for regular decision?

<p>Anyone know? Thanks.</p>

<p>Anyone...? haha I can't find any info on this.</p>

<p>Hey Spanky12! We will start notifying RD applicants in the beginning of February and will let the last group know by April 1. It's coming up soon!</p>

<p>Great, thanks! Is the date you're notified random or do you notify stronger students first? I can't to find out!</p>

<p>We try and get most of the decisions in those first few mailings. It's not necessarily the stronger applicants that hear first. It's very much a mix in those mailings.</p>

<p>Okay, thank you.</p>

<p>For students who were deferred from ED, are we going to hear later than everyone else or will we be hearing in some of the first mailings?</p>

<p>Hi Eal94! The ED deferrals will probably be hearing closer to April 1. We try and give those students the most time to update their files with new information before reviewing them again. For that reason, they typically don't get read again until March.</p>

<p>Sorry for all the questions, but should an applicant who is notified in the first round be finding out any day now or later on in February? I'm so excited to see my decision, hopefully it's good news :)</p>

<p>Hey Spanky12! Not just yet... We are planning on sending out our first round of decisions in the next 2 weeks. Hold tight! It'll be here before you know it!</p>

<p>One more question -Will the regular decision be posted in the student's PAWS account?</p>


<p>Hi Karensue2! I'm not quite sure what you mean. All decisions will be posted in a student's PAWS account after the letters have been mailed. Does that answer your question?</p>

<p>Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant to ask which happened first - the mailing of the letters or status update on the PAWS account - but you already answered. Thanks</p>

<p>I got my letter today!</p>


<p>How far do you live from TCNJ?</p>

<p>I heard back on Saturday (got an acceptance letter in the mail).</p>