When do you go back to school?

<p>And when did you get out? I got out June 9th and go back August 24th, what about you?</p>

<p>I think it was June 9th also but we go back September 6th. Its always the day after Labor Day here in Michigan.</p>

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<p>Freakin August 9th D: But we get out in the end of May ^_^</p>

<p>I got out May 26th and go back August 22nd.</p>

<p>Got out the 28 of may..going back aug 15</p>

<p>I got out on May 29. I go back August 8. </p>

<p>Holy crap, that's two days and I still have to finish reading for AP Euro...</p>

<p>We got out in late May and we go back on August 15th.</p>

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<p>June 17-September 6</p>

<p>drumwriter: I love that they implemented that law to increase tourism a few years ago!!! :)</p>

<p>September 7</p>

<p>June 2 - August 22</p>

<p>Aug 17th :( I don't want to go back!!! :'(</p>

<p>Out June 20th, but I didn't go since it was a half day on a Monday and I slept through most of it. We go back September 7th.</p>

<p>I got out on June 2nd (we had to make up an ice day... and I'm in HOUSTON) and I go back on the 22nd. Only about 2 weeks 'til!!!</p>

<p>However, on the last day of school, I only went for 2 hours because I was exempt from a final.</p>

<p>I got out June 10th but we had finals over the next 2 weeks so some days I went and some I didn't. I have to go back the 7th. My school always does the first Wednesday. I think.</p>

<p>Got out last Wednesday of May and go back Aug 22.</p>

<p>May 25th, August 8th :( and :) for school</p>

<p>10 days 19 hours 38 minutes</p>

<p>We got out June 13ish, and have to go back August 31.</p>

<p>I start September 12th. School's over at the end of the 2nd week of June.</p>