When do you have to accept admissions?

By what date do you have to secure your spot and put down a deposit? I’m a transfer student and it didn’t say anywhere on my letter of acceptance on when I had to accept or when to put down my deposit?

On or before May 1st.

The standard reply date for freshman admissions is May 1st. For transfers, it can vary. If you’re not clear, you need to ask the school.

So, I just got my acceptance packet in the mail and it says:

“The $200 confirmation deposit is due by May 1 or 30 days after the date of acceptance, whichever is later.”

@octoberblues Did you get merit? My acceptance letter was a little different because it was contingent on if I passed Intro to Stats, which I did in Winter quarter. I sent them updated transcripts and messaged them yesterday if they got them and they said yes but won’t be giving me a newly updated letter, which I was hoping they would because my letter compared to other letters lacked a lot of information.

@julietjuju3, I received merit information in my acceptance packet. The merit aid that they give out is automatic and dependent on your gpa:

(Taken from their website)
Messina Scholarship : $17,000 per year : 3.75-4.0 cumulative GPA
Xavier Scholarship : $15,000 per year : 3.5-3.74 cumulative GPA
Loyola Scholarship : $11,000 per year : 3.25-3.49 cumulative GPA
Hurtado : $7,000 per year : 3.0-3.24 cumulative GPA

I received the Loyola Scholarship. I’m REALLY hoping to get my GPA above 3.5 after spring quarter, and that they’ll reevaluate the amount of merit I receive based on that…

Anyway, I applied after priority deadline and still received the amount that was listed on the website, so I’m sure that you’ll get whichever scholarship you qualify for :^)