When do you have to submit first semester grades for ED2?

I applied ED2 and am very confused about when the deadline for first sem grades is. On the website, it says later than by the third week of January, but then also says Feb 1st on the very same page. On the portal, it says Feb 16th but I’m assuming that’s for RD applicants because decisions are released mid-Feb.

If the deadline is actually Feb 1st, I still can’t submit my grades because our first sem grades are finalized on Feb 3rd, so do I just submit them a few days late, or is that not acceptable?

Anyone who applied ED2 this year or in past years willing to help me out? Thanks so much in advance!

That’s confusing. Email their admissions office.

Hoping to learn the same…Covid concerns have delayed the timeline for mid-terms here and so grades will be out late!

I would ask for sure. One of the schools my S is applying to wants an unofficial first semester transcript in order to process his application. They said even a screen shot would be fine.