When do you invite a girl to be your Facebook friend?

<p>This is a question that has inevitably popped up between at least one of my friends. Guys, do you usually friend request a girl on Facebook moments after meeting her, or do you get to know her well first, then invite her?</p>

<p>wait for her to add you</p>

<p>Wait to become more acquainted. If you guys become a little friendlier then you can bring up FB in a casual conversation.
Who knows maybe she'll add you first. </p>

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<p>Let her add you.. or till you get to know them</p>

<p>as long as you've spoken to her, i would go ahead and add her. i usually don't think much about it when guys add me... i don't think many girls think it's significant.</p>

<p>eh I'd talk to her a few times before adding her, but I have the same rule with guys. really though it's a website, it doesn't matter.</p>

<p>The threshold for adding anyone on facebook for me is the point at which I'd feel bad for not remembering their name and greeting them if I ran into them somewhere.</p>

<p>Cool. Let's get some more responses on this thing</p>

<p>Yea I don't think I've really added very many people since I first made my facebook like 3 years ago. I rarely go on my facebook though (maybe once or twice a month) so usually by time I want to add someone as a friend they've already added me</p>