when do you lose AP credit you've earned?

<p>I don't know how else to phrase this; is there anyway to know which specific Cal class you take would negate the units you've gained from an AP, like Psychology or Art History?</p>

<p>If you took AP Psych then take Psych 1, you lose your AP Psych.
If you took AP Chem then take Chem 1A, you lose your AP Chem.
... and so on.
Essentially the entry-level course of the department replaces your AP credit.</p>

<p>Oh I didn't realize this. Crud.</p>

<p>I'm taking Psych 1 and realized today that it would probably negate my AP Psych score.. but it is the only class that fits into my schedule.</p>

<p>Oh well - thank you!</p>

<p>btw though: any other classes beyond entry level courses that might negate AP credit? Know anything about Art History or English?</p>

<p>There's absolutely no reason to repeat R1A and R1B when you got 5 on your AP Lit. If you do take R1A, not only you negated your AP Lit/Lang score, but you are really wasting your time and risking your GPA for essentially no reason.</p>

<p>Why do you think you are compelled to take Psych 1 when you already took AP Psych? There are so many upper division Sociology classes that are definitely easier and drastically more interesting than mildly-weeder Psych 1. Even though they are upper divisions, I recommend for any Berkeley students.</p>

<p>I wouldn't be taking Psych 1 if I could - I need to keep Fridays open and have a somewhat "late" morning class on Mondays this semester because of future events. So I'm stuck with it.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I know you shouldn't take the R&C if you got a 5 on lit, but I'm wondering if there are other classes that would negate AP credit as well?</p>

<p>I have no clue where you guys are getting the info that you'd lose credit, but I'm rather positive (99.9999% sure) you keep your AP credits regardless of whether or not you retake the class. The credits you earn on your AP tests count towards your graduation and can help you start taking the upper division courses early, but retaking the class doesn't negate the credit you've already earn. At least, that's how it is in L&S.</p>

<p>Well, note the statement "Note: Students who duplicate AP credit with course work may have their AP credit deducted from their transcript" in the following L&S advisory page Advanced</a> Placement Examinations</p>

<p>That fact that the school may not catch some of the cases does not mean you can count on those units.</p>