When do you normally take SATs?

<p>I'm a rising Junior and I feel like I'm not ready for the SAT? When do people normally take them?</p>

<p>I think most people take them in December or June of their junior year.</p>

<p>According to CollegeBoard, most people take it in Spring of Junior year, and Fall of Senior year.</p>

<p>^What brownman23 said but to expand on that I would recommend taking it in May or June and then studying for it and taking it again in October.</p>

<p>Take the subject tests while it's still fresh in your mind.</p>

<p>I would've taken the Bio Subject test but I didn't think colleges I wanted to apply to needed them. I can take the Chem Subject test. What about math subject tests? Also, what do you think is harder bio or chem subject tests?</p>

<p>Based on my daughter's experience, I recommend taking your first SAT in October of your junior year--several days before the PSAT. She didn't do so well on the SAT but scored high enough on the PSAT to be a National Merit Semifinalist. After she took the SAT, I learned that October is one of several dates for which one can pay $18 and receive a copy of the questions and answers, in order to prepare for the next SAT. </p>

<p>The earlier you take the SAT or ACT, the more focused your college search can be; there is no need to waste time visiting colleges that wouldn't admit you.</p>

<p>Well I'm not applying to any ivy league schools if that's what you're implying. I have limited transportation and will only be applying to schools near me. </p>

<p>And I thought it was only 1 SAT and 2-3 SAT Subject Tests.</p>

<p>Buy a prep book and take a diagnostic first. Then study up before taking the real thing. People who take the SAT before they know anything about it jeopordize having to send in bad scores to top colleges that require all scores. So study up and take it in 2011, maybe march or june.</p>

<p>Godzilla, You're right, it is possible to take the SAT only once. Many readers of CC expect to take it several times, but I should not assume that that is true of everyone. If you will be applying only to schools near you, perhaps you should check the specific application requirements of those schools before planning to take SAT subject tests, as many do not require or even recommend taking them. At the same time, you could find out whether those schools require reporting of all scores, as elbeeen mentioned. Of the six colleges (in four states) on my daughter's list at the moment, none do.</p>