When do you start? (Date)

<p>What date does NSO (New Student Orientation/Frosh Week) begin and when does classes start? (Also mention what school you'll be attending!)</p>

NSO - 1st Sept
1st Day of classes - 7th Sept</p>

<p>By NSO i assume you mean frosh week/orientation... new student orientation?</p>

<p>McGill University
NSO - August 23rd
1st day of Classes - September 1st</p>

<p>UC Berkeley
NSO - 20th, 21st August
1st Day of classes - 29th August</p>

NSO: August 28th
Classes Begin: August 31st</p>

NSO: August 29
Classes Begin: Sept. 8</p>

<p>University of Kentucky
NSO: August 20
Classes: August 24</p>

<p>University of Kansas
NSO: Today! (Aug 14)
Classes: Aug 18</p>

Aug 22nd I think.</p>

<p>I'm a transfer student, but:
Wells College
August 19, we can arrive
August 25, classes start</p>

Fresh. move in Aug 26
Classes begin on Aug 29.</p>

NSO Aug. 19 (leaving in 30 min for airport!! haha that's how friggen addictive CC is)
We get our schedule Aug. 22
Classes start Aug 24.</p>

<p>Fordham U.
Move in- Aug. 28th
Classes Begin- Aug 31st</p>

<p>Duke U.
Move in- August 24th
Classes Begin- August 29th</p>

<p>I'm going down on Tuesday (August 16th) for a pre-orientation community service program, though. Get psyched!</p>

<p>Wake Forest
Move-in Aug 18
NSO Aug 19
Classes Start Aug 24</p>

<p>Northwestern University
NSO September 13th
Classes start September 19th</p>

<p>Yay for the quarter system!</p>

<p>King's College London
Freshers Week: September 17th
Classes: September 26th</p>

<p>Columbia University</p>

<p>Orientation: Aug 29
Classes: Sept 6</p>

<p>University of michigan
I move in Aug 31
classes start sept 6th</p>

Aug 22nd I think.

Yeah, it's Aug 22nd. Don't forget Move-in on Aug 17th! ;)
And our NSOs were all in June/July.</p>

<p>Stanford University</p>

<p>move in September 20
Classes start September 26</p>

<p>i hate the quarter system. I just want to be in cali already</p>