When do you start to fill out recruiting questionnaires?

My son is a current high school sophomore who would like to play football in college, and this is our first athletic kid. He has no idea what colleges he’s interested in or what he wants to do from a school perspective. We’re hoping to get some idea on this over the summer and into next fall. He will attend his first measurement camp in a few months to determine how he stacks up and at what level he might play, which should help us understand what types of schools we should be looking at. He has received emails from a couple of coaches that are attending the measurement camp asking him to fill out their school’s recruiting questionnaire. Can anyone help with some guidance on when you should fill out questionnaires? Is it appropriate to do so if you don’t know if you’re interested in the college or the program? Based on what I’ve read throughout the forum, it sounds like he should definitely respond to the coaches via email if nothing else. Any guidance is appreciated!

Filling out the questionnaires just is a way for your son’s info to get into a school’s database. So, I don’t think there’s any downside to filling them out now, even though he probably doesn’t have all the info they are looking for. In my son’s experience the questionnaires were of almost no value in recruiting (though of course if a coach asks your son to fill one out he absolutely should!)


Do is as soon as possible. It’s a pain in the neck, so best get it out of the way.

Make sure to keep an excel spreadsheet recording each questionnaire and login in formation so that you can update the form as more or better information comes in.