When do you think they'll send out decisions?!

<p>Hi everyone! SJU is one of my top two schools. I'm absolutely in love with it and I can't wait to see whether or not I was accepted! I know that their website says that EA applicants will be notified on December 25, but I'm pretty sure there's no mail on Christmas, so when do you think they'll start sending out decisions?</p>

<p>Yeah, I wonder if we're supposed to hear by December 25th or they're sending them out after then because there's no mail on Christmas. I just really wanna hear. :/</p>

<p>I am worried 2-I was hoping that they might go out before XMAS-who wants to be sitting around on Sunday thinking about this!</p>

<p>We are sending them out this week. We are all putting these together - the entire staff - so that these letters can be out in the mail before we leave for the holiday break. We know you are getting anxious, but we will put these in the mail shortly. Thank you for applying to SJU!</p>

<p>D2 accepted today with 11k annual merit.....</p>

<p>I did not receive my decision in the mail today, so I am guessing (hoping) it will come on December 26. Has anybody received their decision yet?</p>

<p>Got my decision in the mail today. Accepted with $7500 a year!</p>

<p>accepted with 13k per year. 620M 600R 530W</p>

<p>3.2 GPA</p>

<p>strong EC's and good recommendations</p>

<p>Allison, I didn't get mine either :( Mail's been a little funky in my area though so it probably has something to do with that.</p>

<p>Also, there's no mail on Monday, so we won't get ours until December 27 at the earliest.</p>

<p>Received acceptance letter on 12/23, and it provided an award of $7,500 per year. Any idea how this compares with what the average student receives from St. Joe's?</p>


<p>Accepted with $7,500 year. GPA 3.6 UW, took AP world history, AP Lit., AP Lang., AP US History, AP Gov., AP Spanish, college psych. 4 years of math thru pre-calc, 3 years of science (bio, chem, earth)</p>

<p>4 years marching band/honors wind ensemble, editor school paper, plus some other things. SAT wasn't great: 460M, 630R, 660W. Recs were good.</p>

<p>thought I would have gotten a bit more. St joe's is not my 1st choice.</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing that tellch00. Your credentials seem very good, trying to understand how the decision is made regarding how much St. Joe's gives to whom. Like, comparing your award to pennstateIST (13 k vs. 7.5 k). Mine was 7.5 k, and my credentials not as impressive as yours? Just curious exactly how that decision is made, and what the average award is.</p>

<p>I got mine! 11k per year :)</p>

<p>I got mine! 12k per year. Unfortunately, it is not enough for me to attend unless I can get around another 6k per year in other scholarships.</p>

<p>Dadager, yeah I have no idea how they come up with this.</p>

<p>Thanks tellch00, I agree. I'm sure it's not completely arbitrary, but it certainly seems a little randome. Allison2119, I will be in the same boat. I really liked the school a lot, but I know that I won't be eligible for any other grant aid and can't justify taking huge loans in order to go there. I imagine this is why St. Joe's has such a high acceptance rate. They know that most people will not leverage themselves to the hilt in order to go there. But, they probably know through the years that a certain percentage of people with larger award packages will enroll, and that a small percentage of others who get little or no award will be willing to either leverage their futures with loans, or have wealthy parents who will be willing to send them anyway.</p>

<p>Accepted. 3.0 UW GPA. 34 ACT. 12k per year.</p>