When does Barnard send RD responses?

<p>hey! i can barely wait any longer to find out whether or not i’ll be accepted to barnard… do any of you know what date RD applicants are supposed to find out?? is it just april 1st, or sooner? or later? and will they tell us in a letter or online? thanks!</p>

<p>Barnard sends everything by mail - if you’re accepted, it’ll in an Express envelope (but it’ll still come with the rest of your mail), and if you’re not, it’ll just be normal mail.</p>

<p>I looked on a thread last year - it seems letters were sent out 3/25 and the earliest people got them was 3/27. That’s a Sunday this year though, so I’m betting 3/28.</p>

<p>cool thanks!</p>

<p>wow so only 2 weeks! this is so scary!</p>

<p>Good luck to us all!</p>