When does denison generally release their ED 2 Results?


At least in prior years, ED decisions – 1 and 2 – were usually made on a “rolling” basis" after the application is complete, with decisions often posted on the admissions portal within several weeks.

Keep in mind, merit awards were not, at least in the past, included in the electronic portal admissions announcement so, for students hoping for merit, you have to wait for the hard copy envelope mailed to your home address.

@Midwestmomofboys This is kinda funny, but less than 90 minutes after I posted this my ED 2 results came out! Accepted, class 2023 :slight_smile: Also thank you for the information about merit awards, I am in a “special” financial zone with a parent working for a sister institution and I am currently looking at some loans, so its nice to know I still may receive some merit aid.

Congrats! Such a wonderful place, we have been just thrilled with our kid’s experience there. Enjoy your final semester of high school!

My kid’s ED1 acceptance came electronically first with the merit included. The hard copy came a few days later with the same information.