When does federal aid get communicated

My son was accepted into the Nursing program, class of 2024. He did receive a merit scholarship with a decent amount of money, but unfortunately colleges are so expensive that alone still makes it very difficult for us. I have been trying to temper his excitement because we do not know if we will get any federal aid based on the FAFSA. I assume that will be communicated directly from Quinnipiac, but does anyone know when that will come out? That will be very important in our decision making.

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From their website: “At the end of January, offer notifications are prepared. In your notification, we will explain the details of your financial aid package, which can include grants, scholarships, federal student loans and work-study.” Your son should also have a link on his applicant portal page to set up his financial aid account. It looks like the amount will be posted here

Sounds like Quinnipiac will send out packages soon.

FAFSA does not directly provide federal aid. It is a mechanism for students to qualify for certain federal grants, loans and work study programs. What is your FAFSA EFC?

The most common programs are Pell Grants, Direct Student loans, and federal work-study.

1)Families with incomes less than ~$65K qualify for a Pell Grant. The max for 2020/21 school year is $6,345. It’s a sliding scale based on income and number in family. Google pell grant chart 2020/21 to see what your student might qualify for.

2)FAFSA also allows students to access the Federal Direct Student Loan program. Freshman can take out a max of $5,500, some portion of which will be subsidized and unsubsidized loans.

3)FAFSA allows students to qualify for federal work-study programs, but not all colleges participate.

Go to this site to learn more about federal student aid. https://studentaid.gov/about

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